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C. E. O. story.

C.E.O Lee ji young

born in 1982 in Incheon as the youngest of three children.

After living in Incheon, the family financial condition slowly declined in time of IMF and she lost her home due to the flood damage. Later, She moved to a rural house in Okdong-ri, Deoksan-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do. she went to high school where she could not go to school if she missed the morning bus. 

If she did not get a scholarship it was not possible to continue her study due to lack of tuition, and she went hungry because she could not afford to pay 55,000 won for school meals. The biggest motivation for studying was to get out of poverty that she was so sick and tired of.

In order to do to that, she could quit her school and work at a factory to earn money. However, she decided it was more efficient and honorable to have a good educational background. She slept for three to four hours when she was a senior in high school, and was taken to an ambulance three times that year alone. Two was anemia and the other was that she had stomach perforation after chewing raw coffee to drive out sleepiness. She had always carried a fork in her pencil case, and her thighs were always bruised because when she fell asleep, she stabbed her thigh to wake up. She also used a mechanical pencil and stabbed the back of her hand to study alert. Her favorite word to say and the greatest joy in life is to make a success and avenge for someone who points out, 'You can't do it.' In fact, when I was in high school, most people said, 'You are going to Seoul National University? Without private tutoring? Do you have money to go?'

However, she ends up getting a scholarship to Seoul National University. She once studied law in the middle of her class for the bar exam. She worked as an essay teacher in elementary school to raise funds for studying abroad, but was spotted by the dean of the institute, and immediately moved to the top of the preparatory class for Seoul National University and became famous as a result of hitting the essay questions. She became the youngest lecturer at Jongno Academy, the youngest at SkyEdge and the youngest at EBS and walked the path of academy instructors. Her first EBS lecture has soared in popularity, and it was the motive to step up to a star lecturer. When she decided to be a lecturer for the first time, she said she was well read in all the books and lectures on the internet.

Currently, it has a record of nearly 2.5 million students, and has been lecturing for 10 years as an EBS social research instructor, and has won the best award and the EBS merit award. It is famous for its full-time closing in Daechi-dong, the record of 3,000 students in the field, and 12 hours in line. It is also drawing attention for its motivational lecture on YouTube.

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Company history [2013~2020]

2013. 10. 25.

 the establishment of a company called “Jmentoring lab.“

2018. 09. 01.

a transfer of office buildings bangbaero, Seocho-gu

2019. 04. 05.

 Change Company Name “Cheonhyo Inc.”